Important news about driving license

 Important news about driving license

Gujarat government has taken a big decision regarding driving license, know how much relief will be given to common people?

Prior to this, if an applicant has a two-wheeler license and wants to get a four-wheeler license, he also had to go to the RTO office and get a raw license.

The Gujarat government has taken a big decision regarding driving license.  Until now, the rule was that applicants had to go to the RTO office in person to renew their raw driving licenses after the expiry of 6 months.  The system has been made online by the state's Department of Transportation.  Due to this change the applicant himself will now be able to renew the raw license at home.  This decision will relieve the applicants from the pressure of the RTO office.

Driving License Online Apply is one of the most important and valid identity proofs recognized by the Government of India. The document certifies the fact that the individual holding it is qualified and authorized to drive in India. In order to drive a vehicle in India, it is mandatory to have a DL in RTO Driving License - Online Dl Apply app.

You can get all information RTO related through in this application, it’s very easy to use .Having a valid Online License for driving vehicle of any class is mandatory for all citizen of India.

Online License Apply with ease using Indian Driving License Indian Driving License is one stop for all states RTO's and allows to apply, check, renewal of Driving license. This RTO Driving License - Online Dl Apply app is based on the Official website Vahan 4.0 launched by Gov of India, Now if you are trying to get yours New Learner you don't have to be in queue at RTO's etc, now with just clicks you will be able to apply for the Learner's License.

Citizens-drivers of Gujarat can now easily renew their driving license 3 days before the expiration date.  Sarathi-2 software has been implemented by the state's vehicle transaction department.  As a part of which web based online practice has been started.  Under which online document submission and e-payment practice has been made mandatory for operations like driving license, renewal, duplicate of citizens

 Giving information in this regard, the Commissioner of Vehicle Transactions of Gujarat said in a list, "Drivers are being provided the facility to renew their driving licenses in this manner within five years of the expiry of the driving license."  Applicants aged 60 years and above will have to fill up and upload a doctor's certificate in the prescribed form to renew their driving license

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 If an application is made to renew the driving license within the time limit, a fee of Rs.500 has been fixed for it.  If an application for renewal of driving license is made one month after the expiry of the driving license, an additional fee of Rs.100 / - will have to be paid for renewal of late driving license every year.