Gujarat post circle cds recruitment 2021 for 1826 posts

Gujarat post circle cds recruitment 2021 for 1826 posts

Applications  are  invited  by  the  respectve  engaging  authorities  as  shown  in  the  annexure ‘I’against  each  post,  from  eligible  candidates  for  the  selection  and  engagement  to  the  following posts  of  Gramin  Dak  Sevaks. I.

  Job  Profile:- 

  BRANCH  POSTMASTER  (BPM) The  Job  Profile  of  Branch  Post  Master  will  include  managing  affairs  of  Branch  Post  Office, India  Posts  Payments  Bank  (IPPB)  and  ensuring  uninterrupted  counter  operation  during the  prescribed  working  hours  using  the  handheld  device/Smartphone/laptop  supplied  by the  Department.  The  overall  management  of  postal  facilities,  maintenance  of  records, upkeep  of  handheld  device/laptop/equipment  ensuring  online  transactions, and  marketing of  Postal,  India  Post  Payments  Bank  services  and  procurement  of  business  in  the  villages  or Gram  Panchayats  within  the  jurisdiction  of  the  Branch  Post  Office  should  rest  on  the shoulders  of  Branch  Postmasters.  However,  the  work  performed  for  IPPB  will  not  be included  in  calculation  of  TRCA,  since  the  same  is  being  done  on  incentive  basis. Branch Postmaster  will  be  the  team  leader  of  the  Branch  Post  Office  and  overall  responsibility  of smooth  and  timely  functioning  of  Post  Office  including  mail  conveyance  and  mail  delivery. He/she  might  be  assisted  by  Assistant  Branch  Post  Master  of  the  same  Branch  Post  Office. BPM  will  be  required  to  do  combined  duties  of  ABPMs  as  and  when  ordered.  He  will  also be  required  to  do  marketing,  organizing  melas,  business  procurement  and  any  other  work assigned  by  IPO/ASPO/SPOs/SSPOs/SRM/SSRM  and  other  Supervising  authorities.  In  some of  the  Branch  Post  Offices, the  BPM has  to  do  all  the  work  of  BPM/ABPM.

 ASSISTANT  BRANCH  POSTMASTER  (ABPM)   The  Job  Profile  of  Assistant  Branch  Post  Master  will  include  all  functions  of  sale  of stamps/stationery,  conveyance  and  Delivery  of  mail  at  doorstep  deposits/payments/other transactions  under  IPPB,  assisting  Branch  Postmasters  in  counter  duties  using  the handheld  device/Smart  phone  supplied  by  the  Department.  However,  the  work  performed for  IPPB  will  not  be  included  in  calculation  of  TRCA,  since  the  same  is  being  done  on incentive  basis. He  will  also  be  required  to  do  marketing,  organizing  melas,  business procurement  and  any  other  work  assigned  by  the  Branch  Postmaster  or

 IPO/ASPO/SPOs/SSPOs/SRM/SSRM  and  other  Supervising  authorities.  ABPMs  will  also  be required  to  do  Combined  Duty  of  BPMs  as  and  when  ordered.

 DAK  SEVAK The  Job  Profile  of  Dak  Sevaks  will  include  all  functions  of  viz  sale  of  stamps  and  stationery, conveyance  and  delivery  of  mail  and  any  other  duties  assigned  by  Postmaster/Sub  Postmaster including  IPPB  work  in  the  Departmental  Post  Offices/RMS.  However,  the  work  performed  for IPPB  will  not  be  included  in  calculation  of  TRCA,  since  the  same  is  being  done  on  incentive basis. He  may  also  have  to  assist  Post  Masters/Sub  Postmasters  in  managing  the  smooth functioning  of  Departmental  Post  Offices  and  do  marketing,  business  procurement  or  any  other work  assigned  by  the  Post  Master  or  IPO/ASPO/SPOs/SSPOs/SRM/SSRM  and  other  Supervising authorities.  In  Railway  Mail  Services  (RMS),  GDS  has  to  handle  the  work  related  to  RMS,  like, closing/opening  of  bags,  transport  of  bags  from  one  place  to  other  manually  and  any  other  works allotted  by  the  RMS  authorities. II.   

Time  Related  Continuity  Allowance(TRCA)   The  following  Minimum  TRCA  shall  be  payable  to  the  categories  of  GDS  as  mentioned  in Directorate  Order  No.17-31/2016-GDS  dated  25.06.2018. Sl . No . Category / Minimum  TRCA  for  4 Hours Level  1  in  TRCA  Slab 1 BPM Rs . 12,000 /Minimum hours / TRCA for Level  2  in  TRCA  slab Rs . 5 14,500 /2 ABPM / Dak  Sevak Rs . 10,000 /Rs . 12,000 /(ii)  However,  in  respect  of  GDSs  engaged  on  or  after  01.07.2018,  the  initial  fixation  of  TRCA  will  be done  on  the  first  stage  of  Level-I  of  the  respective  category. III.    Details  of  vacant  posts  for  which  applications  are  called  for  are  shown  in  the  Annexure-I. IV.    Eligibility AGE The  minimum  and  maximum  of  age  for  the  purpose  of  engagement  to  GDS  posts  shall  be 18  and  40  years  respectively  as  on  21.12.2020  the  date  of  notification  of  the  vacancies. Permissible  relaxation in  Upper  age  limit  for  different  categories  is  as  under:- Sl . No . Category 1 . Schedule  Cast Permissible relaxation e / Scheduled  Tribe age ( SC / 2 . Other  Backward  Classes ( ST ) 5  years OBC ) 3  years

Educational Qualification   (i) Secondary School Examination pass certificate of 10th standard with passing marks in Mathematics, local language and English (having been studied as compulsory or elective subjects) conducted by any recognized Board of School Education by the Government of India/State Governments/ Union Territories in India shall be a mandatory educational qualification for all approved categories of Gramin Dak Sevaks.(Referred to in Directorate Order No 17-31/2016-GDS dated 25.06.2018).  (ii) Compulsory knowledge of Local Language The candidate should have studied the local language at least up to 10th standard [as compulsory or elective subjects] as declared by the State Government or as per constitutional provisions relating to the 8th schedule of Constitution of India.

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  • Other education qualification details go to official notification.