Death of 11 cows due to electric shock

 Death of 11 cows due to electric shock

11 cows die due to electric shock in Kotda Bhakhar village in Banaskantha 11 cows died in Kotda Bhakhar village in Banaskantha today.  A team of Banasderi officials, police and UGVCL rushed to the spot following the incident, which caused an estimated loss of Rs 11 lakh to the herdsman.  "I have a stable for cows," said Ramsang Patel, a herdsman who died while turning on the milking machine. 

 The cows milked by the machine.  A machine was installed to milk the cows this morning and a total of 11 cows have died, while three cows have survived.  The cows died of electrocution.  The price of a cow is around 1 lakh 25 thousand.  

The incident has been reported to Banas Dairy, government doctor, UGVCL and the company whose machine it was and the police.  A dealer from a company that makes milking machines came and checked the machine which showed the body shot machine.  The pastoralist has demanded legal action against the company over the incident.

સમગ્ર સમાચાર ગુજરાતી માં વાંચવા માટે અહીં ક્લિક કરો

વિડિઓ જુઓ

Preliminary findings of death due to electrocution  The Dantiwada deputy engineer informed about the death of 11 cows, he said.  So I came to check the place.  At first glance, the cow's death appears to have been caused by a short circuit in the milking machine.

In Kotda (Bhakhar) village, milking was started in the early morning by a milking machine at which time the cows started beating towards the locked cows with automatic iron hooves and one by one the cows started barking and the land started getting dosed.  And while watching, Kunia Ramsungbhai Lakhmanbhai's Shankar Gai met death in front of the eyes of the family.  Following the incident, an atmosphere of grief was created in the family and the news of the incident spread in the village and many people of the village gathered.

 Dantiwada police reached the spot on learning of the incident. GEB officers as well as company men arrived due to a problem in the motor of the milking machine.  Doctors also arrived to pay for the dead cows.

 The neighbor was also electrocuted.

 Amarabhai Jiwabhai Bera, who lived next door, who heard the cows talking and ran and also tried to release the cows, was also electrocuted.  So he told others to switch off the lights

એ મશીન કઈ કંપનીનું હતું  એ પણ જાણો

This was the company's machine

 Two years ago, a herdsman used a Wansun Company machine to milk his cows.  In which, it is time to lose their cows due to motor sorting this morning