Beware of thieves

Beware of thieves

 If you have valuables in your car, be careful before parking on the road.  Because in Kapodra, Surat, it is expensive for a person to park a car on the road.  The gangster on the bike broke the glass of the car and fled after stealing Rs 3.5 lakh.  

The whole incident has been captured on CCTV cameras.  At a time when there was a rush of people on a white day, an arthritic approached the vehicle in front of the eyes of the people and broke the left windscreen of the car and took Rs 3.5 lakh from it and fled on a bike.

Recently, the Umra police of Surat city has caught a thief who was targeting only the houses of the rich and Jain community.  The thief caught by Umra police is named Jayanti alias Ramesh alias Shankar Oswa.  He is a native of Jodhpur, Rajasthan.  He had resorted to stealing to build a luxurious bungalow in his village.

How was the modus operandi?

 This thief named Jayanti from Rajasthan came to Surat and worked as a house servant for the people of Jain community living in Umra area.  By doing housework for 15-20 days he was gaining the trust of the members of the household.  Whenever he had the opportunity, he would carry out the theft with the help of his friends.  He was fleeing Rajasthan by catching a train immediately after the theft.  Going to Rajasthan, he used to share the stolen money with his marines.

During and after the festive season, smuggling has erupted like a raft.  From burglary to vehicle theft, many complaints are being registered every day.  The smugglers are openly challenging the police to carry out the theft.  After burglary and robbery, a gang has now become active in the state which has only stolen the music system from the car.  The police team has also been on the run after receiving several such complaints in the last two days.  In the last few days, there have been complaints of theft of music systems from ten vehicles in Rajkot and three in Ahmedabad.  A complaint has been lodged that the gang struck at Ranchodnagar Society in Samakanthe in Rajkot on Thursday and a tape recorder was snatched from about 10 vehicles at once.  Later in Ahmedabad, similar thefts have been reported near Vijay Char Rasta, Naranpura and Paldi.  The crime branch has also launched an investigation along with the local police distaff due to several incidents of sudden modus operandi of the same type and the gang had set the wheels in motion to catch before any further incident could take place.

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Mobile theft snatchers are becoming a daily occurrence in Surat city.  Aware citizen of the city is known to be vigilant by putting up banners near Socio Circle to alert mobile theft snatchers.  The city has raised questions over police performance.

 The terror of mobile snatchers is on the rise in different parts of Surat city.  When such banners are displayed in the city, questions are definitely being raised on the functioning of the police.